Sparking creativity with CBD

Anyone else feeling a little creatively challenged lately? The uncertainty of 2020 has really disrupted the flow of….well, pretty much everything. From our daily routines (eating habits, exercise and work) to our yearly ones (holidays, festivals and celebrations). To continue on from our winter blues article, we thought it might be helpful to delve into the creative flow and how CBD products could be a helpful solution in getting us back in the rhythm before the year is well and truly out.

There are more and more obstacles in our way to hinder creativity and creative processes and they come in many forms. From TV and phone distractions, the small daily dramas of life, and uncertainty over what your routine will look like next week. We need to get some flow back into our lives because without flow, we flounder.

Even if you don’t see yourself as a creative person or you don’t think your job role requires creative thought processes, you’d be surprised at how much of our cognition relies on creativity, whether you’re an artist or a banker. Being in a creative flow means being able to make connections, grasp concepts, be innovative and problem solve. It allows your mind to be flexible and clear in order to produce or make something new. We all need to be able to tap into our creativity and CBD can help.


The Frontal Lobe & CBD

The frontal lobe is the part of the brain responsible for our cognitive skills. Things like problem-solving, how we express ourselves emotionally, memory, language and spontaneity. In essence, it’s the control centre of our personality and how we communicate it to the world. It’s been noted that highly creative people often have more blood flow to this area of the brain, and studies around the use of CBD products have shown that it can increase the blood flow to our frontal lobe. An increased blood flow to the frontal lobe means the brain can sort and process scenarios quicker, filter out and organise outcomes, and also make easier connections between seemingly opposing concepts.


CBD & The Creative Flow

So, in order to be creative, or just to generally function as a human, everything needs to be in balance and have the opportunity to flow. And CBD’s effects on your endocannabinoid receptors is designed to encourage that inner flow. While CBD has been said to improve your relationship to your frontal lobe, using CBD also has a myriad of other effects which will help in boosting your creativity. The way CBD interacts with your CB1 and CB2 receptors in your brain means that it promotes clarity of mind and improves your focus. It also minimises stress and anxiety which usually get in the way of relaxing into a creative mindset and being productive. CBD also improves your sleep, therefore improving your brain function and mental state. All of these CBD benefits combined help to form the harmonious flow that is needed when creating.

Hail Mary’s CBD oil tincture is a great place to start to get out of that creative rut and can be included into your routine any time you feel the flow is slipping or just before sitting down to begin or continue a project. Whether you’re about to write a best-selling novel or you have a few minutes to whip up a PowerPoint presentation for the morning meeting, Hail Mary have you and your creativity covered.

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