Mary Berry CDB Oil scam

Earlier this year, the face of former bake-off judge Mary Berry popped up across the internet in connection to CBD Oil and face creams sold by CBD company Bionic Bliss. Seemingly promoting the pain-relieving qualities of her own line of CBD products, the online ads prompted customers to place orders on ‘buy-one-get-one-free’ deals before stock ran out. Mary, of course, had no connection to the products, which also used fake endorsements from Dame Judi Dench and Ed Sheeran, and the website even made further unauthorised payments from those who were scammed into purchasing the special offer.

Clearly one way to drive CBD sales amongst bake-off viewers and older generations of customers is through the alluring face of a national treasure like Mary but advertised ‘endorsements’ can also be incredibly misleading. Using celebrities as a way of gaining customers is a common tactic for scammers, and seems to traverse across all industries, particularly during this current economic climate where desperation runs high.

But now with more time spent indoors looking at screens (we’ll deal with this later!), and scrolling social media, it’s important to take more stock in what you are looking at and what you are purchasing, especially when it comes to products which claim to heal, fix or act as a solution to a number of physical and mental ailments. It should take more than the face of a celebrity for you to put your trust in something that is going into or on your body, so here’s a few ways to not get caught out online.

1.     Do your research

For example if you want to buy 300mg cbd oil, first do your research. Whether that’s seeking out reviews, reading articles, talking to friends or reaching out to the company itself to ask about what’s on offer. Post lockdown, you can even go into your local CBD shop and talk to employees to see if they have a tried and tested opinion. In an industry like ours, which promotes and advocates for the healing benefits of its products, transparency is key. Feel free to reach out to us anytime to talk about our products via our contact page.

2.     Be wary of ‘deals’ and cure all’s

 Don’t get us wrong, a deal is great. 2-4-1, buy one get one free, 50% today only are all phrases that send a spark of adrenalin straight to the fingertips, and companies will always be offering seasonal deals, start-up deals and lots more to get us shopping. Before clicking buy now, take a little time to consider why the sale is on, browse the website, check their social media, feel it out. It’s also important to be conscious of set in stone medical claims. Much of the time, finding the right product and the right dosage for you can take time and nothing will completely cure you within hours of taking it. So slow down, resist the temptation of instant gratification and get smart about how you shop.

3.     Don’t be swayed by celebs! 

We get it…seeing the smooth and flawless face of a celebrity endorsing vitamins, oils, protein shakes, slimming teas, work-out gear (the list goes on) is enough to make your heart and your budget soft. Remember that most celebrities have an entire team behind them from personal trainers to dieticians, not forgetting the magic of airbrushing and digital contouring. You will not become Nicole Scherzinger by taking those supplements, nor will you get the gig of judging the next series of bake-off by buying that CBD oil. When you feel yourself being pulled in by these advertising tactics, revert back to point one, breeeeathe and start again.


Happy and safe CBD Oil shopping!