CBD to boost the economy

We made it through January, well done everyone. Although it may not feel like it just yet, spring is well and truly on its way and with it comes some much needed optimism and opportunity in the form of CBD advancements!

For all our fellow CBD enthusiasts out there, we have a bit of positive news to share as we progress through 2021. The cannabis industry could be giving a much-needed boost to the UK economy this year. Just when you thought we were completely doomed, cannabis saves the day yet again.

As we all know, the pandemic hit the economy hard last year, with so many industries taking a blow and some just not recovering at all. And then Brexit came along and pushed a bunch of them even further over the edge like the shit school bully we all hate. But as is the way with business, some industries emerged stronger than ever amid the hard times, and one of those was the cannabis industry (surprise, surprise).

A clear reason we’re seeing such a rise in interest and demand in CBD in particular is because people are seeking out natural ways to combat the stress, anxiety and discomfort of the pandemic. Whether physically, mentally or emotionally, more and more people are reaching for CBD as a solution and we at Hail Mary couldn’t be more pleased. If the last year has given us anything, it’s been more time to figure out what makes us feel good and how we can pick ourselves up during the bad times. For many of us, that’s been through discovering natural and holistic remedies like CBD Oil.

On a larger scale, 2020 was a massive year of progress for the cannabis industry with more research and development of products, the advancements of legislation around the world, and new US president Biden stating he’s committed to the reform of cannabis legislation in the United States. All of this has propelled investment in cannabis businesses with the stock market seeing a rapid rush of interest in the sector. Such a burst of enthusiasm for CBD also means pharmaceutical companies are suddenly popping their heads out of the sand to be involved and financing their shift into the emerging space. And with more investments and financing comes more creative investors who are looking toward the next big thing within the CBD industry itself, such as new CBD production techniques like yeast fermentation and synthesis. It’s all kicking off and it’s all in our favour!

With this new focus on the cannabis industry and the many exciting pathways it’s shooting down, it’s estimated that by 2024, the UK market could be worth $1.29bn. And with this brings a wealth of job opportunities which is an absolute blessing in light of the possible implications both Brexit and the pandemic may have on employment streams.

Although this is all very focused on corporations and big money and economic progress, it’s refreshing to look at the reason all of this expansion is happening. People are turning towards nature for their cures and putting their trust in companies such as Hail Mary to help them down a road of recovery and holistic health. So, it’s great news for the big guys at the top and GREAT news for us small guys on the ground doing nature’s work!

Watch this space and get involved by stocking up on some Hail Mary CBD producs. After all, it’ll be good for the economy.

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