CBD and Covid-19

As the research continues around the world into just how beneficial CBD can be, studies are now being conducted to determine the different ways CBD can impact severe forms of Covid-19 specifically.

Over the past year we’ve collectively become very good at forming opinions around news stories, conspiracy theories, statistics or merely the look on a politician’s face when they deliver the latest rules. New news and big statements are being thrown about like nobody’s business and some of the time, it’s just not backed up with evidence. Instead of making big empty claims, We at Hail Mary want to provide you with some of the recent research being conducted around CBD and Covid-19, so you can decide for yourselves what kind of progress is happening in the escalating world of cannabis! So, take a puff of your Hail Mary OG Kush and read on.

CBD and Cytokines

In many serious cases of Covid-19, patients have developed ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome), otherwise known as a ‘cytokine storm’. The storm overloads the autoimmune system, causes an influx of cytokine in the organs and leads to pretty severe inflammation in the body. A recent study from the Medical College of Georgia and the Dental College of Georgia has proved how certain CBD formulations could be very effective in reducing these cytokines, improving oxygen levels and supporting the recovery of damaged tissue in the lungs. Researchers are also now looking into how CBD could help other organs recover.

At Hail Mary, recovery is a key aspect of our solid belief in CBD. It’s one of the main reasons we wanted to start sharing our CBD oils, CBD balms and CBD vapes with the world. So of course, hearing that they could help in recovering organ damage and reducing negative effects of the virus in our bodies makes us feel even better about shouting from the rooftops to stock up on our Hail Mary products!

Israel for the win

Israeli research and development company, Eybna, who specialises in the study of terpene’s, has created a proprietary terpene formulation called NT-VRL™ with the purpose of treating inflammatory conditions. It contains 30 individual terpene’s which all work together to possibly (and hopefully) produce anti-inflammatory agents. Along with CannaSoul Analytics, studies are being carried out on the formulation to see how it can treat against COVID-19.

There are also several more trials taking place in Israel to understand how CBD can combat the virus. Tel Aviv University and InnoCan Pharma are creating a Covid-19 treatment using exosomes jam-packed with CBD. Exosomes are an important factor in the healing and repair of cells. Acting as a mediator between cells, they are small particles which are formed when stem cells begin to multiply.

CBD as a preventative

CBD is not only being studied as a potential recovery and healing aid, but also as a preventative to the virus altogether which could be a HUGE discovery for the CBD world. In July of last year, researchers at the University of Lethbridge in Alberta, Canada, demonstrated how some high CBD strains could not only act as a treatment, but also as a preventative by reducing virus receptors in the body. It does so by regulating an enzyme that the virus attaches itself to, so there is less of a chance of the virus clinging onto anything and spreading. It’d be excellent news to confirm that a few drops of Hail Mary’s 1000mg CBD oil each day could cause any signs of a virus to just slide right off ya enzymes.


There is a hell of a lot more studies in the works and we expect more and more of them will emerge over the course of the next year so we can better understand how CBD could aid in the fight against Covid-19. One thing’s for sure, CBD use is becoming the new normal and it can no longer be ignored as a possible ingredient in healing, recovery and immunity-boosting. So, join the good fight and get yourself some Hail Mary CBD Oil, CBD balm or CBD vape juice while the research continues to role in.

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