Cannabis removed from UN’s List of world’s most dangerous drugs

In a move that could be a huge boost for the medical marijuana industry, the U.N Commission of Narcotic Drugs has voted to declassify weed and get it removed from the list of controlled and dangerous drugs. Cannabis was previously included on the same list as heroin, fentanyl and other deadly opioids but two weeks ago , the World Health Organisation voted to downgrade it. Part of their reason was so research into the use of cannabis for medicinal purposes could be made easier. Yet it was still a super tight vote with China, Egypt, Pakistan, Russia and Nigeria all voting against the move, along with 25 other countries.

Although cannabis has been downgraded, it’s technically only been downgraded one tier, and now exists on the same list as cocaine, opium and oxycodone. An audible sigh from us over at Hail Mary. This is down to the agency flagging up the ‘high rates of public health problems’ which arise from cannabis use, so they decided not to back the WHO’s recommendation to remove tinctures and extracts of cannabis from this list.

So, while this is a huge step forward for the medical marijuana industry, the vote last Wednesday hasn’t given the U.N enough to legalise marijuana under the international drug control system. But it does mean more research can now be done into the uses of cannabis for medicinal purposes which is great news and something we at Hail Mary are 100% behind.

Hail Mary already knows the wonders of CBD and how it can have such a positive effect on our holistic health but we can’t wait for new research to emerge. Not only to strengthen the argument for mainstream CBD use (CBD Oil, CBD Cream, CBD Balm, etc), but also so we can get more information on how the whole of the marijuana plant can be used to our benefit.

Exciting times! We’ll aim to keep you updated here on any new outcomes.


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